A Pizza the Action: Pizzeria Owner's Sons Become Viral Sensations Over Dough-Flipping Skills

"In the pizza world they are kind of famous," the proud dad told InsideEdition.com.

Two young Jersey boys have become viral sensations after their father posted video of them flipping dough like true professionals inside his pizzeria.

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Michael, 12, and Nicolas, 10, were filmed by their father, Carmine Testa, inside his New Jersey restaurant flipping dough and doing tricks with it like spinning it in the air and swinging it around their back, as well as throwing it back and forth.

Testa, who has owned his place for the last 17 years, posted their video to Facebook on February 20, and it has gotten 15 million views.

“In the pizza world they are kind of famous,” the proud dad told InsideEdition.com. "I’ve posted numerous videos of them over the years. I cannot understand why this one has [millions of] views."

The father of three also has a 5-year-old daughter and his sons come in on Saturdays.

"They would have their hands in the dough and were helpful," Testa said. "I bought them some rubber dough so customers wouldn’t be concerned. They were really good at it."

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He said in his family business he won’t allow his kids to make food for the customers but when they have private parties at the establishment, his sons will act as instructors, teaching children how to make pizza and flip dough.

Testa said that his boys also went viral years ago with another clip showing off their skills. That clip landed them on Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and Dr. Oz.

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