18-Month-Old Twins Speak Their Own Language

A video of twin boys appearing to be having a complete conversation with each other has gone viral, and some are asking if twins really can speak their own language. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Twins Sam and Ren are not even toilet-trained but the 18-month-old brothers sure can talk a blue streak!

Sam and Ren are a YouTube sensation, with nearly two million hits to date and TV Fame. They have even been on the Today show with Matt Lauer.

But the big question about the diapered duo is, are they actually communicating in a special language?

Denise Albert runs the website called momsandthecity.net and contributes to babycenter.com. She's also a twin, and says that this isn't just gobble-de-gook.

"I absolutely think this video is amazing. This is exactly what my brother and I used to do to each other. Twins, they have their own special language," Albert told INSIDE EDITION.