Single Dad of 3 Deported to Mexico: 'He's Not a Drug Dealer and He's Not a Murderer'

He'd been in the country for 19 years, according to reports.

An Arizona single dad of three has been deported to Mexico, leaving his young children to care for themselves.

Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia, 44, was deported Thursday, the day after he went to a check with the U.S Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to reports.

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His 23-year-old daughter, Yennifer Sanchez, said she is now left to care for her two younger siblings, 14 and 17 years old.

“He’s not one of those people that you hear about in the news,” Sanchez said Friday at a news conference. “He’s not a racist, he’s not a drug dealer and he’s a not a murderer. My father is an honest, working man, a family man, that loves everyone he meets.”


The girls are reportedly planning to go to see their father to bring him clothes and other belongings since "he was sent abruptly."

Sanchez said her father cares for his three children on his own.

The family says he arrived in the U.S. about 19 years ago.

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ICE says Fomperosa Garcia has been deported three times, and was convicted of a federal misdemeanor and had a deportation order.

Federal court records show he pleaded guilty in July 2015 to attempted illegal entry, a misdemeanor, after attempting to cross the border in San Luis, Ariz., while using someone else’s documents.

He was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

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