After Clerk Foils Hotel Prowler, How You Can Fight Off a Surprise Attacker

Video shows the female clerk ripping off the mask of the man who stalked her before attacking at a Nebraska hotel.

A brave hotel worker fought back after a predator in a ski mask brazenly entered the lobby of a Nebraska hotel and attacked her.

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The female night clerk at the Home2 Suites was followed into the ladies room by the predator where he attacked her at about 3 a.m. Wednesday. The employee was able to break free after fighting back and ripped his mask off, which caused the coward to flee.

The shaken clerk was able to get to a phone and calls the cops. But her ordeal was not over after the assailant reappeared just seconds later, trying to shield his face with a sweater.

In a video of the incident, the clerk can be seen running for her life one more time. Another fierce struggle ensues — and once again the assailant is fought off.

On Thursday, police arrested serial sex offender Zachary Lee Person, 29, following the ordeal. He’s a suspect in three other attacks.

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Security expert Bill Stanton praised the woman's courage and showed Inside Edition what to do to fight off an attacker.

"She had the presence of mom to pull that mask off so it can help law enforcement," he said. 

He said if someone tried to attack you, keep moving and throw him off, and make noise by yelling something like, "Fire!" 

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