39-Weeks-Pregnant Mom-to-Be Wears Mask Spoofing April the Giraffe's Labor

Who will be first?

Move over April the giraffe — there’s a new mom-to-be in town.

In a hilarious viral video, a pregnant South Carolina mom who’s awaiting the arrival of her fourth child used the moment to poke fun at the millions who have been watching and waiting for April to give birth to her calf.

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Since last month, April has been live-streamed over several days, hanging around in her stall at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, with viewers hoping to spot the moment her baby calf is welcomed into the world.

Erin Dietrich is one of them, and feeling inspired by the giraffe's pregnancy, she decided to stream herself doing pretty much the same thing as April — nothing — as 12 million people watched.

"I can’t sleep at night anymore so in the middle of the night I say, 'Let me check and see if the giraffe had her baby.' It’s ridiculous," Dietrich told InsideEdition.com. “My husband was like, 'Let’s order a giraffe mask for when you go into labor and do it in the hospital,' because he thinks it’s ridiculous how I am obsessed with this giraffe."

Dietrich ordered the mask on Amazon and decided to bust it out sooner rather than later.

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"I was like, "Let’s do a live feed when the kids go to bed like the barn of April. Originally we were going to do a minute but he kept it there 8 minutes," Dietrich said. "I could not believe when I woke up this morning there were 10 million views or something."

It seems April and Dietrich may be neck-and-neck as her due date is March 14.

“My husband’s like, 'We need to do a live feed every night because everyone’s going to be watching you,'" Dietrich said.

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