Man Celebrates 100th Birthday at Hospital Where He Volunteers Twice a Week

"He doesn't look his age, thank god," his daughter Jane Krakauer joked.

New Yorker Arthur Seidman may have just celebrated his 100th birthday, but he’s still young at heart. 

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Seidman was surprised with a centennial birthday party at Northwell Health, the Long Island hospital where he has been volunteering twice a week since 1996.

"If you’re doing something for other people it goes a long way in prolonging your life," Seidman said in a video released by Northwell Health. "It gives me a purpose to get up in the morning."

From checking in patients to sitting with family in the waiting room to hosting fundraisers at the hospital, Seidman does it all.

"What’s really amazing about him is his heart," his boss, Lisa Brieman told “You can tell he really wants to be there. He really wants to give back."

His daughter, Jane Krakauer explained Seidman was first inspired to start volunteering at the hospital after his wife lost her battle with breast cancer in 1986.

"He has always been a very active person and he really had to make a life for himself when my mother died," Krakauer explained. “My brother [Dr. Steven Seidman], who is an attending physician suggested the hospital always needs volunteers. He did, and he felt it was very worthwhile.”

Before Seidman started volunteering after retirement, she explained he worked as a salesman. Before that, he served in World War II.

“Sometimes people get old and maybe they’re grouchy or whatever, but he’s just a nice guy,” Brieman said. “You come to the hospital and people are not in a good mood, and then you look at Arthur and he has a smile on his face. It’s like he can't help but smile."

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When a local news station asked him about his key to longevity, he responded: "Fast women and hard liquor."

"It’s funny because he’s not like that at all,” Krakauer told "He’s always been a straight arrow, a very traditional person who brought us up with honesty and integrity and great value. There’s no fast women. He drinks wine with Alice, that’s about it."

Alice, Krakauer explained, is who he calls his "lady-friend." She is 15 years his junior, and the pair met after her husband passed away, and Seidman’s previous girlfriend also passed away. They are currently on a two-week cruise in the Caribbean.

"He doesn’t look his age, thank God," Krakauer joked.

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