Adele Briefly Stops Concert After She's Attacked by Mosquito: 'It Was Sucking My Blood!'

She was introducing a song when she suddenly screamed.

Pop superstar Adele had to briefly halt a recent concern in Australia over the weekend after she was attacked by mosquitoes.

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She was introducing her Oscar-winning song "Skyfall" from the 2012 James Bond film during a show in Brisbane on Sunday when a bug landed on her.

"There's a bug on me!" she shrieked. "I'm sorry, I'm not Australian — I don't like bugs!"

After pausing for a brief moment, she retreated to one of the wings where she explained: "It was sucking my blood.”

After swatting the bug away, the kind-hearted singer actually felt a little guilty.

"Oh no, I've hurt him. Oh s***," she said. "Sorry. Are you OK?"

And if the mosquito wasn't enough of a nuisance, a swarm soon arrived.

“Oh, his friends come to help him out. They're everywhere! They're all trying to kill me! Oh, how embarrassing,” she said. “Oh my god, oh my god, I need to get my breath back. That scared the life out of me."

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After regaining her composure, she added: “There's a graveyard of bugs up here, so let's get on with the song before they kill me."

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