Man Who Took Controversial Selfie With Kellyanne Conway Speaks Out: 'I Have No Regrets'

He asked her to say, "I'm ruining America."

The man who took a strange selfie video with Kellyanne Conway says he stood up for his beliefs when he asked her to say, "I'm ruining America" to the camera.

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Conway was pranked by 28-year-old Alfredo Pelicci over the weekend, when the attorney saw her at a popular Washington restaurant.

He approached her and asked for a selfie. When she obliged Pelicci recorded video and said, "Say, 'I'm ruining America!'"

"Happy? You must feel really brave saying that," Conway said in response.

Reached by Inside Edition, Pelicci described what was going through his head as he recorded the video.

"Everything was going so fast," he said. "I hit record, and everything is viral history."

He added: "I have no regrets about posting this video. I think I stood up for what I believe in." 

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A Secret Service agent was with Conway when she posed for the selfie.

She recently told CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell that she now has 24/7 Secret Service protection and that most White House staffers don't.

"I find that to be very unfortunate, and obviously if they didn't need to be there, they wouldn't be," Conway said.

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