Shark Attack Story Premieres on the Silver Screen

INSIDE EDITION caught up with real-life surfer Bethany Hamilton at the premiere of Soul Surfer, the movie based on Hamilton losing her arm in a shark attack.

Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack when she was just 13 years old, is now 21 and has grown up to be a tall, beautiful and confident young woman.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Hamilton at the premiere of Soul Surfer, a new movie based on her inspiring story.

"It's kind of crazy. I'm so stoked. It's been such a long journey to get to this point," said Hamilton.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville was the first to interview Hamilton after the shark attack. INSIDE EDITION even gets a scene in the movie with Dennis Quaid, who plays Hamilton's dad.

"We got a call from that show INSIDE EDITION," says Quaid's character in the movie.

Before the shark attack, Hamilton was a champion surfer, and she was determined to get back in the water. The movie depicts her struggle. Remarkably, just a few weeks later, Hamilton was surfing again.

Helen Hunt plays Hamilton's mom in the movie.

"I remember hearing it happened and hearing she got back in the water very quickly and I'm thinking, that can't be right," said Hunt.

Carrie Underwood, in her first movie role, plays Hamilton's best friend.

Underwood said, "It was just an amazing story. So inspirational to me."