'Grumpy Dog' Finds Loving Home After His Adorable Photos Go Viral

The dog had been living in a shelter since the end of last year.

A picture is worth a thousand likes in the social media world, and for one dog, it led him to a new home.

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Sheldon, who is about 2-and-a-half years old, arrived at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in Phoenix, Ariz., in late 2016 and has been looking for a new home ever since.

Shelter volunteer Heather Haltmeyer says Sheldon, a pit bull, kept jumping up and down one day when she took her camera to work. She did a photo shoot with the canine in which he wore a green bowtie and posed with his adorable droopy face.

"Once I got him in the yard, I realized how adorable he looked in pictures, with his downturned mouth and ‘grumpy dog’ expression," she told InsideEdition.com. "We posted him on Facebook and he did very well. The next day, his new mom came in to adopt him!"

The shelter told InsideEdition.com that Sheldon had not been known as "Grumpy Dog" until his pictures went viral.

Sheldon was quickly adopted by a woman named Emily Chmiel, where he now lives in a loving home with five cats.

Chmiel told InsideEdition.com that the dog’s personality was why she wanted to adopt him, adding, "He's such a goofball!"

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After seeing his photo online, she knew she had to meet him.

"I had been looking for a dog for a while and his picture just kind of clicked with me," Chmiel said.

After taking him in, she renamed him Cas and said he's enjoying his life surrounded by cats and his new owner.

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