College Student Caught on Video Juggling for Officers During Traffic Stop

They let him go with a warning.

An Arkansas man’s juggling skills may have got him off the hook.

Blayk Puckett, 21, had a broken tail light and was driving slow as a result Friday night when cops, thinking he was showing signs of impaired driving, pulled him over.

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“I was driving my car down the road and one of the campus police officers got right behind me. I already knew that I had a brake light out and so I was trying to drive as carefully as possible,” Puckett told

In a parking lot that they had pulled into, Puckett showed the officers his brake light. After taking his information and talking to him, police realized he was sober.

Police told Puckett he was free to go with just a warning, but not before asking him to perform for them. 

"My license plate read ‘juggler’ so, he asked me if I wanted to give him a little show before he and the other officer left," Puckett said. "I did a little bit of juggling for them. To make the traffic stop just a little bit more fun."

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In dashcam footage of the impromptu show, Puckett juggles three bowling pins as the smiling officer looks on.

“I’ve never juggled or done any kind of magic for an officer before," said Puckett. "Well, I mean, at least not while I was in the middle of a traffic stop. They were definitely having a good time. There was a lot of laughs."

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