Will Oprah Winfrey Convince Donald Trump To Cut His Hair?

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to Donald Trump about his famous hair, Charlie Sheen, and Trump’s stance on the birther movement.

Donald Trump is thinking about cutting his famous hair! Oprah tried to convince Trump to trim his trademark 'Trump-adore'  and offered to give him a makeover on one of the final episodes of Oprah.  

"Are you accepting the invitation for a makeover?" asked Oprah.

"I love Oprah, she's a special person, so I am certainly thinking about it. It could be fun," said Trump

Trump doesn't want just anyone cutting hus iconic locks. He wants Oprah to do it! "I think I may let her do it, anybody else no, but I may let her do it," Trump said.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney caught up with Trump at the Trump International Hotel in New York City where he was being presented with one of the hotel industry's highest honors, AAA's Five Diamond Award.

And while many swanky hotels have banned Charlie Sheen after his now infamous meltdown at The Plaza, Trump says Sheen is welcome to stay at any of his properties.  

"You've said a lot of good things about Charlie Sheen," said McInerney.

"Well I like him, I wouldn't want him as a son-in-law but I like him," Trump said.

Meanwhile, the birth certificate war rages on. Trump released his official birth certificate from New York City's Department of Health after being mocked for publicizing an unofficial document that came from the hospital.

And Trump shared a new theory about why President Obama hasn't released his certified birth certificate during an interview last night with Bill O'Reilly.

"Maybe it says his religion, maybe it says he's Muslim, I don't know," said Trump.

McInerney informed Trump that there is no place on the Hawaii birth certificate that lists religion, but he still wasn't satisfied.

"What would he be hiding? I don't know why he won't show his birth certificate. It amazes me and amazes a lot of people," said Trump.