New Poll Says First Lady Melania Trump's Popularity Is on the Rise

She is on a 16-point rise since the inauguration, a new poll has found.

Melania Trump's approval rating has skyrocketed 16 points since Inauguration Day.

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According to a new CNN poll, 52 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the first lady — a 16-point rise — after a humdrum 36 percent favorability rating in January.

The progress comes as Mrs. Trump has been embracing her first lady duties. On Wednesday, she hosted a luncheon at the White House for International Women's Day. She was also on hand at her husband's first address to Congress last week. 

Inside Edition has learned some of the secrets to her perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable fashion.

The first lady flies in her hairdresser, celebrity stylist Alen M., of Beverly Hills. He's an expert colorist and gives her chic highlights to make her hair appear more blonde, according to The New York Daily News.

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He uses a process called balayage which is when the dye is placed in a specific way to give the hair a natural, graduated look. Balayage is the French word for sweeping and has been the new trend. 

Mrs. Trump also gets extensions to make her hair look fuller.

Celebrity colorist Adrian Wallace, who colors Jennifer Lopez's locks, performed the balayage technique at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City for Inside Edition.

First, he sectioned the hair of Inside Edition producer Allison Hall and then carefully applied color. He said: “I'm literally painting” her hair.

Then, Saran Wrap is placed around the hair to hold the color in place.

Once all the color is applied — Hall sat under a rotating heat lamp for 15 minutes. Then came time for a shampoo and blow dry, leaving her hair with a natural sun-kissed look, just like the first lady.

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