'Baby Jessica' Speaks Out, 30 Years After Rescue From Well: 'My Life Is a Miracle'

The dramatic, 58-hour rescue in 1987 unfolded on live TV and captivated the world.

The famous "Baby Jessica," whose dramatic rescue from a Well in Midland, Texas, had audiences around the world transfixed on their TVs 30 years ago, has opened up about what life has been like for her since.

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In the new People magazine hitting newsstands Friday, Jessica McClure opens up about the event that had the whole nation on edge when she fell down the backyard well as an 18-month-old.

"I had God on my side that day," she told the magazine. "My life is a miracle."

McClure, now 30, works as a special education teacher's aide and has two kids of her own, Simon,9, and Sheyenne, 7.

Her husband Danny, 43, is the foreman of a pipe supply company in Midland, where people still call her "Baby Jessica."

When she turned 25, she received a trust fund of $1.2 million, which had been donated by well-wishers around the world.

"I think it’s amazing that people would come together like that to donate money to a child that was not theirs," she told People. “"I appreciate everything they did."

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But all that money is now gone. Half of it was lost in the 2008 stock market crash, and the rest was used to buy a house.

She and her family live in a modest home just two miles from the well where she almost perished.

The well is now covered by this engraved plaque that reads, "For Jessica, 10-16-87, with love from all of us."

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