Dad Break Dances with 12-Year-Old Daughter, Becomes Viral Video Star

Ray Mason busted a move at the father-daughter dance.

Ray Mason was just being his usual, goofy self. And now he and his daughter are social media famous.

The 51-year-old dad took his 12-year-old girl to her elementary school’s father-daughter dance, where he broke out his stellar break-dancing skills. 

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Video of the spectacle was posted online, where it has drawn more than three million views.

Ever since, Mason’s cell phone rings continuously. Local news stations, national networks, and even Ellen Degeneres' people want to interview him.

"If I was any better, I’d think it was a set-up," Mason happily told Thursday. "It’s a little overwhelming."

He accompanied his daughter to last month’s dance at the urging of her teacher. Sadie had just enrolled in a new school and "she felt like she didn’t have any friends," Mason said.

So Mason put on a suit, something he rarely does, to escort his daughter to the auditorium of Caldwood Elementary School. "I was dressed to kill," he says.

In the parking lot, Sadie confessed to being very nervous. "I’ve never been to a dance," she told her dad. "I told her, 'Well, I’ve never been to a father-daughter dance before. Let’s just go have fun.'"

So they walked in and stood in the back for a while until Sadie mustered enough courage to hit the dance floor.

While they were dancing, Sadie asked her father if something was wrong.

Puzzled, he asked what she meant. "Well," she said, "you’re not dancing like you do at home."

Mason confided that he didn’t want to embarrass her.

"Daddy, you won’t embarrass me. I love you. I don’t know anybody here, anyway," she told him.

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So Mason pulled out all the stops and danced the way he does in his living room — which is actually pretty good.

He busted his best break-dancing moves. He did the Robot and threw in some Michael Jackson head bobs while Sadie boogied and giggled.

The other kids looked on in awe. Parents started taking cell phone videos. But Mason was oblivious to all the attention.

Until the footage showed up on Facebook and his phone started ringing.

"I never wanted to be famous. I just wanted to be good at what I did," the avid Frisbee golf player said.

Besides, he says, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

"It ain’t about me, it’s about my daughter," he said. "Hopefully it will make a difference for good in this big ol’ world that don’t stop for nobody."

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