Patrick Stewart Welcomes Home a Foster Dog, His First Pup in More Than 50 Years

The "X-Men" actor appeared on "Conan," discussing how he is a foster parent to a new dog.

Sir Patrick Stewart was overjoyed Wednesday when he welcomed a new member to his family — a dog.

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Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, welcomed a pit bull named Ginger that they are fostering for a period of time before a forever home is found for the canine.

The X-Men star posted the news on social media and was overcome with emotion as Ginger walked through his door.

Thanks to @ASPCA and @WagsandWalks Sunny and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I'm in LOVE. #AdoptDontShop

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) March 8, 2017

Our foster doggie Ginger is sleeping and snoring on our couch and I can honestly think of no greater compliment. @ASPCA @WagsandTails

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) March 9, 2017

Now promoting his latest film, Logan, Stewart appeared on Conan Wednesday night and couldn't resist bringing Ginger into the conversation. He said the pit bull is his first dog in more than 50 years.

He recalled how the last dog he owned had to be "put down" when he was a young man. 

"I have longed for this moment to come," the 76-year-old actor said. "She is a female and it is [International] Women's Day, so it is very important, and we are going to foster her."

The Star Trek: Next Generation actor added that Ginger came from a pit bull fighting ring and was a breeding dog in the savage underworld of dog fighting.

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"Now, she is with us, but we are only fostering her," Stewart added. "We are looking for a permanent home for her."

Stewart and Conan O’Brien then said that anyone interested in adopting the dog can reach out to the actor via social media. Stewart said he will soon be posting instructions on how to adopt Ginger.

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