Watch Monkeys Tease Their Newest Addition at Zoo

Amidala was shown who's boss.

Meet the Chester Zoo's newest addition — an adorable, rare baby monkey named Amidala.

The British zoo has given a glimpse at the baby Sulawesi crested macaque, who was born to mom Lisa and dad Mamassa on January 14.

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But while she may be winning over hearts, the other monkeys in her enclosure are letting her know who's boss — by pulling her hair in footage released by the zoo.

Amidala is joining 17 other Sulawesi crested macaques at the zoo. She's the fourth child for Mamassa, who became "an instant hit with the females" after moving there in 2015, according to staff.

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The zoo is celebrating the arrival of Amidala, whose species is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

With the logging trade causing habitat loss and their meat considered a local delicacy in Indonesia, the species has been pushed to the edge of extinction, and there are only an estimated 5,000 remaining in the wild, according to the zoo.

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