Man Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Cocaine Strapped To His Legs

He was arrested on drug charges.

Police noticed something amiss when a man’s pants were fitting a bit snug last week at a New York airport.

Juan Carlos Galan Luperon was arrested at JFK after he allegedly tried to smuggle 10 pounds of cocaine strapped to his legs. 

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Police said they noticed Luperon was “busting out of his pants” and he seemed a bit nervous. 

Luperon, a US citizen who lives in Manhattan, had arrived at JFK from the Dominican Republic, according to reports. 

The officers took Luperon to a private room where they searched him and allegedly found packages of white powder taped to his legs, authorities said. 

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The powder tested positive for cocaine, police said.

Luperon was arrested on federal narcotics-smuggling charges.

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