Cop Visits 3-Week-Old Baby Whose Life He Helped Save After He Stopped Breathing

The baby is now doing well.

A Texas officer paid a visit to the baby he helped save last week after giving the 2-week-old infant CPR. 

Corporal Brandon Stewart and his partner were on duty last Sunday when they received the call that the baby boy wasn’t breathing.

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“They thought he was choking on milk. We got there within two minutes. I met with the father and the baby turning purple and trying to breath,” Stewart told InsideEdition. 

Stewart then administered CPR himself before passing the baby off to a medic. 

“All I could say was ‘God please help this child.’ He was shaking and not being ale to breath. They continued the resuscitation and he started screaming and crying,” Stewart said.  “That was one of the beautiful sounds I've ever heard.”

The baby boy is now doing well. 

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Stewart and his partner, Officer Minchew, returned to the family’s home Friday to check on the infant and bring him gifts. 

“I wanted to take the family some gifts. We got him baby blankets and toy keys. We wanted them to know we are there for them,” said Stewart. “Plus I wanted to check on him and seeing him under different circumstances. being a dad myself I can’t imagine what they were feeling.”

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