Lyft Driver Speaks from Hospital Bed After Brutal Highway Beating: 'What Did I Do to Deserve That?'

The incident happened on a San Francisco freeway.

The Lyft driver who was brutally beaten by a group of bikers on a San Francisco freeway last week is speaking out from his hospital bed.

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Alex Quintana can't move and one of his legs is broken in three places.

"I definitely was afraid for my life," he told the Today show.

According to a police dispatcher, about 20 motorcycles were involved and were yelling at motorists as they slowed traffic on March 9.

Quintana, 35, was driving and tried to get past the commotion.

That's when the bikers chased after him. It wasn't long before the driver got boxed in and surrounded by the mob.

"I couldn’t believe it was starting to happen like that," he told the Today show. "What did I do to deserve that?”

He added that the assault ended after a biker ran over his legs.

Quintana works as a Lyft driver to try and earn extra money to help himself and his girlfriend as they prepare to have a child that's due later this year.

“Those guys should not even have been on the road,” Quintana told The Modesto Bee. "I didn’t want to cause any problems. I was just trying to get around them and get to work again.”

Witnesses came to his aid after the altercation on the freeway Wednesday.

The savage beating was caught on video.

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Inside Edition spoke to the driver who shot the video and called 911. He would not reveal his name for safety reasons but said the Lyft driver "was in a lot of pain and a lot of agony."

He added: "I felt helpless, I wanted to help. I even considered driving my car into some of these guys to try to stop them; I didn't know how far they were going to go with beating this man."

Cops say none of the bikers had license plates, which is making it harder to track them down.

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