Baby Sees Military Dad for First Time With New Glasses After Father Returns From Deployment

Brain damage caused problems with the baby's vision.

An emotional reunion was caught on video of an Air Force dad and his 9-month-old son, who was able to see the man for the first time with a new pair of glasses.

Baby Reagan was born perfectly healthy but at 3-weeks old, he contracted Group B Strep, which led to bacterial meningitis, sepsis, and ultimately brain damage.

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Reagan’s vision became impaired and while his dad, Captain Brandon Caldwell, was away for a 2-month deployment in Antarctica, the infant received his first pair of glasses.

"The glasses are helping his eyes work together so the images are becoming clearer in his brain. They are a very strong prescription," Reagan’s mom, Amanda Caldwell, told "He got glasses right after dad left."

But Reagan’s emotions toward his dad were crystal clear in a touching video of their reunion, as he is seem smiling and hugging the man.

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"My husband was so nervous that Reagan would not remember him. He went right to him. He didn’t skip him a beat. He was just in awe of seeing daddy again," Caldwell said. "It was the sweetest thing ever. To see him lay his head on him and hug him. And show him that he loves him too was amazing."

And Reagan’s vision continues to improve.

"He is starting to reach out and grab things and see further things and track things now," Caldwell said.

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