Man Makes Tiny Custom Hats for Toad That Shows Up on His Porch Every Day

"I just sort of winged it, and used scissors to figure it out," said Chris Newsome, who also explained he has a background in art and design.

An Alabama man has found internet fame for his hat-making skills — not suited for humans, but for a toad that keeps frequenting his home.

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Chris Newsome, 43, of Jacksonville, told that he noticed the same toad hoping onto his porch every day last summer.

So, he decided to put a hat on it.

“I have a background in art and design, but I’ve never made hats,” Newsome said. “I just sort of winged it, and used scissors to figure it out."

He said he folded together some foam paper, and placed his design on the amphibian’s head.

“It just sat there,” Newsome said. “[The toad] did not seem to mind, and I didn’t keep the hat on him for longer than the time it took to take a picture.”

He explained toads often come out to play in his area over the summer, but this one, which he named Mr. Toad, would keep showing up on his porch, and even made friends with his cat and dog.

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Newsome said he eventually revisited the photos, and uploaded them to Imgur last week, where fans have now started commissioning him to make foam hats for their own pets.

"I’m sure I can make a few more," Newsome joked.

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