Sheriff's Deputies Heroically Save Jet Skiers in the Path of Cruise Ship in the Nick of Time

A tourist filmed the dramatic rescue from the deck of the cruise ship as it approached.

Two jet skiers are speaking out after they came dangerously close to an approaching cruise ship in Florida over the weekend.

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Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, and 20-year-old Allison Garrett of Princeton, W. Va., were frightened as their jet ski overturned in the water off Port Canaveral Saturday.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Taner Primmer pulled the women from the water and onto his police boat as the cruise ship approached.

"The ship was very quickly approaching," he told Inside Edition. "Even if they didn't strike the ship or the ship didn't strike them, it has the potential of pulling you under and then you run into an issue of potential drowning." 

"He grabbed my life jacket and slung me in there, just in time," Penpasuglia told Inside Edition. 

Their harrowing incident was recorded by a passenger on board the Carnival Magic cruise ship as it barreled toward the two co-eds, who were enjoying their spring break.

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As the women were being plucked to safety, the video of incident shows the shadow of the boat looming over them.

"It was really scary to actually watch [the video], I didn't realize how close it was," Penpasuglia said. 

The sheriff's deputy had mere seconds to throw the boat into reverse and get out of the way.

"The ship's captain worked closely with the local harbor pilot to reduce the speed of the ship and alter its course so it didn't hit the jet skiers," Carnival Cruise lines said in a statement to Inside Edition.

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