Cop Who Allegedly Robbed Citizens During Traffic Stops Is Fired

22-year-old Officer Jose Acosta was arrested for the alleged crimes and has been fired.

A Miami police officer has been fired from his job following his arrest for allegedly stealing from drivers he pulled over while on the job.

Miami Police Department Deputy Chief Luis Cabrera confirmed at a press conference that 22-year-old Officer Jose Acosta was arrested after allegedly stopping drivers for no apparent reason and ordering them out of their vehicles.

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“The officer was charged with one count of armed burglary of a conveyance and one count of armed grand theft,” Cabrera told reporters Monday.

According to Cabrera, complaints against Acosta, who joined the department in May of 2016, first prompted an investigation.

Then, on Friday, cops say Acosta was caught in the act.

After first allegedly putting a driver in the back of his cruiser, "Acosta entered the driver’s vehicle and took $940 from the driver’s wallet and bank envelope," Cabrera said.

Acosta, however, let the man go and reported nothing to dispatch, Cabrera said.

Later, Acosta allegedly took $1,250 from another car. However, this car was an undercover detective.

Acosta was arrested and police reportedly said the he admitted to stealing up to $6,000 over two months.

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Acosta has since been fired.

“It appears that Officer Acosta sold his integrity and sold out on his community,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Monday. “Instead of seeking to rid Miami of crime, he became a criminal himself.”

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