The 3 'Vascateers': Trio of Friends Undergo Vasectomies Together

They were happy with their families as is.

Three longtime friends followed the urging of their wives and got vasectomies together. 

Paul Diaz, John Lambrechts and Basilio Santangelo, each fathers of two, took the plunge to get the operation on the same day with the same doctor after some discussion with their spouses.

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"We all decided we were perfectly happy with the size of our families, so we made a pact to get them done,” said Diaz.

The men, who are now calling themselves "The Three Vascateers,” had back-to-back appointments so they could support each other through the process.

Planning the procedures as a group allowed the friends to broach a topic that can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to some.

“We talked about it for a while, and at the urging of our wives, we decided to take one for the team,” Lambrechts said.

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Dr. Jesse Mills, a urologist and director of the men’s clinic at UCLA, said he thinks the procedure deserves more consideration in comparison to sterilization surgeries for women, which are reportedly more likely to fail.

“Our wives had been through so much by giving birth to our children,” added Santangelo. “We figured it was a much easier option for us to do this, so we did. It was easy.”

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