Grandson Charged With Murder of Grandma Found Shot to Death in Her Backyard Shed: Cops

Deputies discovered her body wrapped in a blue and green blanket and left in a metal shed in her backyard.

A Texas man has been arrested in the killing of his grandmother, as relatives reportedly told investigators he had made threats against the woman before he was allegedly found hiding in the woods after her death.

Hazel Billingsley, 67, was found shot to death on her Cypress property Sunday, as deputies discovered her body wrapped in a blue and green blanket and left in a metal shed in her backyard, KTRK-TV reported.

Her grandson, Nathan Billingsley, was found hiding out in the woods with a firearm and his girlfriend, officials told KHOU-TV.

Billingsley, 21, reportedly told investigators that he had been standing about five or six feet away from his grandmother when he accidentally shot her multiple times in the living room.

But officials reportedly said the evidence does not support his account of what occurred, and that Billingsley attempted to clean up the alleged murder scene.

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Billingsley’s girlfriend told investigators she had been outside when she heard gunshots.

When she went inside, she saw her boyfriend wrapping his grandmother in a blanket, authorities said.

She said he threatened her life as well as anyone else who came inside the home, according to reports.

Relatives told police that Billingsley had threatened to kill his grandmother and mother before.

When family members went to check on the victim and saw blood, they called authorities, KHOU-TV wrote.

A motive for the alleged killing remains unclear.

Loved ones were devastated by Hazel Billingsley’s death, taking to social media to express their grief.

On a photo of a sunset the woman snapped and posted to Facebook, her daughter wrote: “Mom, I never got to comment on how beautiful this picture was that you took. You took the mundane and turned it into the most beautiful art ever. I want to hang it all on every wall so I always have you surrounding me. I love you.”

Others turned their grief into anger, taking to the suspect’s Facebook page to express their outrage and disbelief.

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“Disgusting!” one person wrote.

“Prayers to the family,” another person posted.

Family members reportedly said Billingsley has a history of mental illness and with drugs.

"He's been struggling for a long time with mental problems, and he's been on heavy drugs and in and out of the hospital," relative Sonny Zamir told KTRK-TV. "Every time we try to commit him, he checks himself out so I actually blame the law for it, I really do."

Billingsley has been charged with murder, and is currently being held at the Harris County Jail.

A judge on Tuesday upheld his $200,000 bond and ordered him to have no contact with his girlfriend or his mother, according to reports. 

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