White Wedding at Busch Stadium for Cardinals Fans

Christina and Kurt Benhoff got a real white wedding when heavy snow began falling on their nuptials on the field of Busch Stadium in St. Louis. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the ultimate white wedding, taking place in the middle of a snowstorm at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The bridesmaids shivered in their strapless gowns and snow covered the line of groomsmen as they waited in the freezing storm for the ceremony to begin.   

There were cheers when the bride and her dad emerged from the dugout.  

The minister was barely visible through the falling snow.

"This is one of the coolest things we had ever done, we could have never imagined that it would happen like this," says Kurt Benhoff.

Kurt and wife Christina had painstakingly planned every detail of their nuptials at the stadium and the diehard Cardinals fans weren't going to let Mother Nature's curve ball get in the way of their big day.

"We just thought, we're only doing this once, we're here at the stadium once, we're going to do this outside," says Christina.
So the bride braved the snow in her strapless gown and met her groom at home plate.

"My dad and I, we turned right to get onto the field and we were immediately smacked in the face with some snow. You can't see three feet in front of you, it's just a whiteout," Christina remembers.

They finally got out of the snow when they posed for their wedding photos in the dugout. And the reception was held indoors and went off without a hitch. But the Benhoffs will never forget their whiteout wedding!   

"It was just a spectacular day, it was so cold, but the two of us together, it was just phenomenal, it was so special," says Kurt.