Snowed In? The Power of Comfort Food During a Winter Storm

Here are some great ideas for the kitchen if the weather outside is frightful.

If you're stuck indoors by Winter Storm Stella, there is no better way to beat the crazy weather than with some comfort food.

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As winter weather pounded the Northeastern part of the country Tuesday, many folks were stuck at home with most shops and offices closed. Others braved the wind and snow to get out of the house to avoid cabin fever.

The Black Tap Craft Burger and Beer in Midtown New York City, opened its doors and welcomed restaurant patrons with the savory aroma of tummy pleasing burgers, fries and Buffalo wings.

Inside Edition found a group of friends from Florida who were on vacation in the city eating at the restaurant as they hunkered down together.

The magic of comfort food lies in the combination of taste and smell, and the restaurant’s co-owner, Joe Isidori, used to dish up burgers for Donald Trump at one of his establishments.

He says one of the best ways to reward yourself during a chilly day is with a sweet milkshake, and he has just the concoction.

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One of his famous “Crazy Shakes” is “The Sweet and Salty,” which features a chocolate frosted rim with chocolate gems & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups topped with a Sugar Daddy, pretzel rods, chocolate-covered pretzel, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle.

There is also the “Cotton Candy” shake, which features a vanilla frosted rim with blue, pink & pearl chocolates topped with a pink lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream and cotton candy.

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