Man Allegedly Attacked Middle Eastern Restaurant Worker With a Pipe: 'Go Back To Your Country, Terrorist'

Jason Kendall allegedly attacked an employee at an Oregon eatery.

Cops in Oregon have arrested a man they say attacked a Middle Eastern restaurant employee with a pipe while telling him to get out of the country.

Jason Kendall, 52, entered the Al-Aqsa restaurant in Salem Tuesday afternoon after reportedly seeing a woman inside who he believed — based on her clothing — was being held against her will, according to court documents.

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Kendall would reportedly later tell police that the woman's shirt was a "signal" that she was a slave because that's "what Arabs do.”

Police say employees initially got Kendall to leave but he returned minutes later yelling, “Get out of America!” and “Arab, you need to leave, a**hole!”

Kendall allegedly threw a plastic object at the employee and hit him in the head with a pipe. The reporting officer noted in an arrest affidavit that the employee was left with a small bump on his head.

According to KPTV, Kendall referred to the pipe as his “horn of Gabriel” and to the plastic object as an “evil totem."

Upon his arrest, police say Kendall claimed he acted in self-defense against a "Saddam Hussein-looking guy.”

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Kendall has since been charged with assault and intimidation.

He is expected to be arraigned Friday.

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