Amy Bishop's Husband Speaks

The husband of Amy Bishop, the woman accused of gunning down six colleagues, three of whom died, is finally speaking out about the day of the massacre. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

James Anderson, Professor Amy Bishop's husband, told a local TV reporter that the day of the massacre started out normally.

"It was just a meeting. She was going to go there and put in her time and come home. I was going to pick her up and go to coffee," said Anderson.

After Bishop allegedly gunned down six colleagues, killing three of them, Anderson says she calmly called him as if nothing had happened.  

"She called and said I'm ready to go, come pick me up, which was pretty I go to pick her up and I arrive to a sea of flashing lights."

Anderson agreed to the interview on the condition that the woman standing next to him have her body concealed. He also demanded that the video not show him close up.

He says as his wife sits in jail, she has sent a message to their four kids.

"She just wants to make sure everybody is taken care of, that they are doing what they're supposed to do. You know, 'Hug everybody, tell them I love them,' " says Anderson.