Frenzied Dogs Invade Woman's Home

A neighbor's pit bulls broke into Karen Grumm's yard, attacked her dogs, and then chased her into her own home. INSIDE EDITION has the terrifying story.

You've never heard of a home invasion like this one. Karen Grumm's home was invaded by dogs!

A terrified Grumm called 911:

Grumm: "I need the police and animal control. I have two pit bulls in my house. I got a gun here! Oh my God!"
Grumm: They're in my house! There's blood everywhere!
911 Operator: "Whose blood?"
Grumm: "They tore my dogs apart!"

Grumm lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Home surveillance video shows two frenzied pit bulls, who escaped from a neighbor's yard, attacking her three dogs.
Grumm showed INSIDE EDITION the hole they made in her fence to get in. They attacked her terrified dogs, and left behind a trail of bloody paw prints when they actually chased Grumm up the stairs into her own house!

"They were in full attack mode. Their lips were curled back and they were coming after me to kill me," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

But Grumm turned the tables on them as she grabbed a gun.

Grimm: "I should have shot the [expletive] dog. Now I can't get this damn thing- OK! I got my gun!"
911 Operator: "No ma'am! Do not pick up the gun! Put the gun down!"

The pit bulls ran away and the surveillance video shows Grumm following with the gun in her hand, but she didn't use it.

She found her Schnauzer, Ally, badly injured, with jagged bite wounds on her chest.

"She was just covered in blood. Her chest was just gaping open. It was just horrific," says Grumm.
Miraculously, Ally survived. Grumm's other dogs, Matty and Gus, weren't hurt.

You can still see bloodstains from the horrifying mêlée all around Grumm's house, but she considers herself lucky.

The pit bulls have all been euthanized and the neighbor has offered to help pay the vet bills for the injured dog.