Ponies Spotted Trudging Through Snowy Street After Getting Loose During Winter Storm

The fearless ponies were eventually corralled by police, officials said.

Residents riding out Tuesday’s winter storm were surprised to spot a pair of miniature horses trudging through sleet and snow after they managed to get loose from their owner’s property in New York, officials said.

The duo was seen plodding through the streets near Hylan Boulevard and Richmond Avenues on Staten Island, capturing the attention of locals who took to social media about the unusual sight.

“Staten Island has it all,” one Twitter user mused.

“Only in Staten Island would two horses get loose during #StellaBlizzard,” another person wrote.

The fearless ponies were eventually corralled by police, officials said.

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The NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit helped in “wrangling in these runaway ponies,” NYPD Chief of Special Operations Division Harry Wedin wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

The pair was safely returned to their owners by 10:44 a.m., authorities said.

The ponies had gotten loose earlier in the morning after gusting winds blew open their stable's barn door, police said. 

They were spotted by a quick-thinking, off-duty officer who used a tow strap he had in his truck to grab the horses, DNAinfo.com reported.

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He tied the horses to a lamppost until a vehicle could transport them home, Chief of Police Terrance Monahan said at an unrelated press conference.

"We got a radio car there and we were able to return them back to the stables," Monahan said, DNAinfo.com reported. "They’re safe, they’re in great shape."

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