Humane Society Offers Nearly $50,000 for Arrest of Suspect Who Tortured Cat That Later Died

The cat was missing for four days.

The Humane Society is offering nearly $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for savagely torturing a cat that died as a result of its injuries after crawling home for help.

Sage, a 6-year-old gray and white domestic cat, disappeared from his Utah home on March 4, according to reports, and when he returned four days later, it was clear he had been brutally tortured.

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“He was beaten, and he was tortured. His whiskers were cut. His fur was shaved. His face was beaten. His ribs are snapped. His paws are broken. He can't walk. He can't speak. He was tortured with hot glue as well as with silicone. His eyes are swollen shut,” His owner, China Rose, posted to Facebook.

Rose said that she doesn’t know how he made it home after the ordeal.

“But the fact that he found his way home to us, indicates how strong Sage is. He is a fighter. Our hearts are broken because there is so little we can do,” Rose said.

Sage died from his injuries on March 9 after he stopped breathing on his own. Vets tried to resuscitate the cat through CPR but couldn’t bring him back.

The Humane Society of Northern Utah had initially offered to pay for Sage’s veterinary hospital expenses and noted that additional donations were welcome. Tons of monetary gifts then poured in on Sage's behalf.

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But when Sage died, the Humane Society of Utah decided to put all donations toward the reward offered for information about the person responsible for the torture.

Rose held a memorial for Sage on Sunday, lighting candles in memory of the beloved animal.

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