Charlie Sheen's Tour Gets Winning and Losing Reaction

Charlie Sheen kicked off his live tour with losing reviews in Detroit after being booed off the stage, but got back on his ‘winning’ track in Chicago. INSIDE EDITION was on the scene.

The man whose catchphrase is "winning" may have to change that to "bombing."

There were boos and cat calls as Charlie Sheen opened his wild and crazy one-man show in Detroit.

He brought his "goddesses" on stage carrying signs that read "Warlock," and then they passionately kissed.

Sheen had them burn one of his famous bowling shirts he wore on Two and a Half Men.

"Take that out and burn it," he said to the goddesses.

But when he emerged on a podium and made a rambling speech as President of the Warlock States of Sheen, the crowd became restless. And their mood wasn't improved by watching Sheen aimlessly tossing baseballs.

"Whatever! Tonight's an experiment," Sheen said to the audience.

He finally left the stage amid boos and walkouts. The New York Times called the show "disastrous." Variety rated it "Two and a half out of ten."

Kacey Jordan, the porn star who partied with Sheen for 36 hours at his estate in January, was in the audience watching as he bombed.

Sheen's next stop was Chicago. INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander was there.

The reaction to Sheen's performance in Detroit was so negative that Sheen completely revamped the show in time for his appearance in Chicago. This time he fared much much better—at least he wasn't booed off the stage.

Sheen ditched the rambling monologues for a talk show style setting where a man playing a talk show host-type character asked, "How many people want to see him back on Two and a Half Men?"

"If they hire me back, I'll do it again," said Sheen to loud cheers from the audience.

And he wowed the audience by stripping off his shirt and swapping it with a fan's.

After the show fans had different reactions.

"He should keep his day job and go back to work," said one fan.

"All in all, I thought he looked pretty good," said another fan.

And another fan said, "Two hours? Come on, ten minutes of that is fine, but after that, (he mimics nodding off)."