Video Released of Actress Linda Evans' Bust on Suspicion of DUI: 'I Found a Baggie of Pink Pills'

The "Dynasty" star was arrested in 2014 after she was pulled over in Washington state.

Video has surfaced of actress Linda Evans being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The former Dynasty star is told by a traffic cop in Washington state that she should not be behind the wheel. “Unfortunately, I believe you are under the influence," the officer told her.

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Evans, who is now 74, told the cop during the 2014 bust that she has a bad back and was taking medication.

The video shows the officer calling a dispatcher and saying, "I found a baggie of pink pills. She said a friend gave them to her and they are muscle relaxers."

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Evans pleaded guilty to a charge of erratic driving and had her license suspended for a month.

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