Bus Driver Rescues 5-Year-Old Boy Running Down Street at Midnight with No Shoes in Brutal Cold

The child had slipped out of his house without shoes or a coat in 20-degree weather.

A Milwaukee bus driver was just about to start her last loop of the night when she stopped to run into a convenience store.

It was midnight and she stopped dead in her tracks when she the heard the sounds of a child crying.

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Running up the street in 20-degree cold was a 5-year-old boy with no shoes, no coat and wearing only a pair of shorts.

Denise Wilson scooped him up and ran to the gas station, where someone handed over a shirt for the child. Wilson took him back to her bus, cranked the heater and gave him her coat.

 Surveillance video taken inside the bus shows her giving the boy a snack and tucking her jacket around his tiny frame.

“Sometimes God puts us in places where he needs us, and I think a lot of us bus drivers out here seem to always be in the right place, Wilson told WTMJ-TV.

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Police said the boy had wandered out of his house and gotten lost. They said the incident was just an accident.

The Milwaukee County Transit System praised Wilson for her help and posted the surveillance video to its Facebook page.

It has been viewed more 2,500 times.

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