The Polar Express: Amtrak Train Kicks Up Waves of Snow as It Pulls into Station

The video was posted Wednesday after the massive storm hit the Northeast.

Passengers waiting on an Amtrak platform in Rhinecliff, New York, were hit with snow Wednesday as the train pulled into the station and created massive waves of slush.

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The passengers were waiting to get on the train and head to New York City’s Penn Station but as the track was covered in snow, they got more than they bargained for as the slush came raining down as soon as the train pulled into the station.

Another clip was posted Wednesday on YouTube by passenger Nick Colvin, who shot the video as he waited for the train. He, along with other commuters, had their phones out recording the flying snow.

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When Colvin posted the video, he slowed down the speed of the train to make the raining snow look more dramatic.

Other commuters took to Instagram to post their videos.

The snow was a result of Tuesday’s storm that lashed the Northeastern part of the country.

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