Nat Geo Host Eats a Pig's Eyeball

Nat Geo host Piers Gibbon goes the extra mile to be a gracious guest in a remote village when he eats a cooked pig’s eye. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Who knew that pig's eye is a delicacy?

Nat Geo host Piers Gibbon found a tribe in the remote rain forest of New Guinea that initiated their guest by making him eat, of all things, a pig's eye.

When he tried to swallow the eyeball, he gagged and spit it out. But then he tried again.

"I really don't recommend you chew a pig eyeball, but if you do, there comes a point where it bursts, and there's hot-cooked eyeball juice hitting you in the mouth and that's quite challenging," said Gibbon.

Eating with Cannibals, part of National Geographic Channel's Expedition Week, airs Monday night.