The Moose Is Loose: Shocking Footage Shows Beast Charging Skiers

The giant animals have been said to be getting too close to humans recently as they defend their territory.

As revelers hit the ski slopes around the country, some are encountering more moose on the trails as the animals are defending their territory.

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One grumpy moose went after skiers at an Alaskan resort recently. The news comes on the heels of another moose getting a bit too close for comfort as a snowboarder glided down a Colorado mountain earlier in the week.

"Oh my God, I don’t know where to go," snowboarder Cheri Luther could be heard screaming as she captured video of the animal rushing toward her.

Luther wrote on Instagram that she had turned to see whether a friend was behind her when she noticed the moose coming quickly down the run.

She continued on her board, and was eventually able to veer out of the animal's path after realizing there were no trees she could hide behind.

During another terrifying incident in Alaska, two moose were filmed fighting in the driveway of a home.

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David Mizejewski, host of Pet Talk on Nat Geo Wild, has an explanation behind the sudden outbursts of moose near people.

"They are just doing their natural behavior," he said. "If we get too close to them, it causes dangerous situations to people and them."

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