After Woman's Daring Escape From Captor, How to Get Out If You're Trapped in a Car's Trunk

The woman had been abducted at gunpoint and forced into the trunk of her own car.

After one 25-year-old escaped from the truck of her car after she was placed in there by her kidnapper in Alabama, many are calling her a hero.

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She seized a chance to escape after her gun-toting kidnapper drove into a gas station in Birmingham, where he used the woman's ATM card to withdraw money from her bank account. 

Then, as he drove off, she popped the trunk and jumped out, running into a convenience store where the manager helped her and she called police. 

Inside Edition has some tips on what to do in the event that you find yourself in the same horrifying situation.

Every car made in the America after 2002 has an emergency trunk latch inside.

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The levers usually will glow in the dark and if trapped inside, you can pull on it to pop open the trunk. If it doesn't glow, you can feel around for it.

"You don’t want to wait for that car to be stopped because you don’t know where it is going" security expert Bill Stanton told Inside Edition. "As soon as you feel mentally and physically ready, pull that latch and run for your life."

The Alabama woman's car has been recovered by police, but the suspect remains at large. 

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