Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Dating Life and More

INSIDE EDITION talks to Kate Gosselin about her new season of Kate Plus 8 and what it's like to be a single mom of eight kids.

Kate Gosselin looking for love?  Is Kate plus eight hoping to add one?

"Are you dating?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville.

"I have been out on a few dates here or there. If Mr. Right comes along I am sure everyone will hear about it pretty quick," said Kate.

"What do you look for in a potential partner?" asked Norville.

"Anyone who is right for me, will have to be made of indestructable material," answered Kate.

But life is far from lonely for the single mom to 10-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets and it's not always easy. Earlier this year Gosselin had to pull two of her kids, Collin and Alexis, out of school.  She says they were having anger issues dealing with Gosselin's nasty split from their dad Jon Gosselin.

She says that Jon takes them two weekends a month: "I know that the kids would like to see them more, and I wish they would too."

One thing Gosselin made time for was Dancing with the Stars. She is a former contestant and is still an avid viewer. She told INSIDE EDITION who she's rooting for this season.    

"I love Chelsea and Mark, I think they are awesome together," Kate said.

But her main focus is on her own show. She returns to the spotlight for a new season of the hit TLC show Kate Plus 8, first stop, Australia.  Norville asked how it was to travel with eight kids.

"I am shocked to hear myself say this, but that was one of our best flights ever. They slept the whole way and I even got sleep," Kate said.

After years of televised triumphs and troubles, Kate says she wouldn't give up her life.