I've Got Your Back! Lizard Hitches a Ride on His Best Friend... a Baby Kangaroo

The duo has been inseparable since they met at the Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park in Western Australia.

An orphaned joey named Rosie has found an unlikely best friend — a bearded dragon called Elliot.

The duo has been inseparable since they met at the Greenough Wildlife & Bird Park in Western Australia. Rosie even lets 1-year-old Elliot hop on her back for a ride around the park.

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"They have been enjoying outside time together and are quite happy to chill with each other," park owner Michelle Jones told Caters News.

The friendship between the lizard and kangaroo has surprised the staff, she said.

"This is not a normal animal friendship as reptiles and marsupials normally don't hang out," she said.

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The park has rescued and rehabilitated Australian Wildlife for the last 30 years.

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