Who Got Slimed At The 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

INSIDE EDITION was on the red carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards as the stars prepare to get slimed!

Celebrities, from supermodels to superstars got slimed at the 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards.

Getting slimed came as a big surprise to some celebrities.

"I'm not planning on getting slimed at all," Heidi Klum told INSIDE EDITION before the show.

While Snoop Dogg said the same thing: "I'm pretty sure they'll make an exception for me. Like ok, that's Snoop Dogg, slime somebody else."

Snoop was wrong too!

Miley Cyrus didn't get slimed when she picked up her award for Favorite Movie Actress. Britney Spears didn't either, but she did get slippery noodles tossed on her when the Kung Fu Panda spilled his lunch.

"Sorry Britney, I can't take him anywhere," Jack Black said as Spears pulled the noddles off her shoulder.

And while the show is for kids, there were definitely some adult moments.

Russell Brand had to be bleeped when some kids in the audience threw slime on him.

"These very, very naughty children who deserve to be slimed, Johnny I wish you had drowned them," Brand said.

And some bloggers are calling Kim Kardashian's choice of a low-cut mini dress "inappropriate" for a children's show.  

And what would the Kids' Choice Awards be without a grande finale?

Jim Carrey floated down in a hot air balloon and he was supposed to slime host Jack Black, but he got slimed instead.