Children Flock to See 'Beauty and the Beast' - in Costume

After the film was over, they reenacted their favorite scenes.

A group of young fans were left spellbound by the new live-action Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, after they dressed in yellow gowns just like the film's lead character, Belle.

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The little Belles, ages 4 to 8, went to a New York City theater Friday to see the movie on opening day.

The group of lucky ladies walked out of the theater and gave the film rave reviews.

And they weren't the only ones, as Time magazine called Beauty and the Beast “resplendent,” while The New York Times declared that the film "revels in joy and enchantment."

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The positive reviews may pay off.

"Disney made a huge investment in Beauty and the Beast with a hundred and $60 million budget," Chris Witherspoon of Fandango told Inside Edition. "Analysts are saying this film could make this money back opening weekend. Anywhere from $120 to $170 million.”

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