Seconds Between Life and Death Caught on Video as Couple's Truck Falls Through Frozen Lake

It was a harrowing moment broadcast on Facebook Live.

The couple who livestreamed themselves as they drove across a frozen lake are opening up about their frightening ordeal after breaking through the ice and falling into the frigid water below.

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Ko'ona Cochrane and her boyfriend, Ivon Saber, were driving across Canada’s Lake Winnipeg earlier in the week when their truck plunged into the icy water.

As their half-ton truck smashed through the ice, they had seconds to save themselves.

"I can guarantee you it wasn't more than three or four seconds before I was out that window," Saber told Inside Edition. 

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They had been driving across the lake in an effort to save time on their trip.

The couple says they are financially responsible for removing the truck from the lake once the water thaws, but they claim they're covered by insurance.

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