Godzilla vs. the Snowstorm: Mom Goes Viral for Shoveling Driveway in Inflatable Costume

"A monster storm needs a real monster to clean it up," joked Mandy Blackwell of New York.

This snowstorm was clearly no match for Godzilla.

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Mandy Blackwell, a mom from Endwell, New York, went viral this week for shoveling snow while dressed in the famous costume.

"A monster storm needs a real monster to clean it up," Blackwell joked.

She told InsideEdition.com that she purchased the suit on a whim, after buying a similar dinosaur costume for her 15-year-old kid on Halloween.

Excited for the blizzard, Blackwell said she decided to pull it out for some fun in the snow.

"As odd as it sounds, I enjoy shoveling our 250-foot driveway," she said. "I love the snow."

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In addition to shoveling her driveway in her Godzilla suit, she said she was hoping to go sledding, and build snow sculptures in their inflatable costumes.

"The suit isn’t bad to wear, it’s fairly lightweight," she said.

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