Meet Forest, A Happy and Healthy Lamb Born with Five Legs

Forest's fifth leg does not work and dangles at his side as he runs around with other lambs.

A little lamb shocked her new family when it was born with five legs.

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Meet Forest, a lamb born last week on a Debyshire, England, farm with an extra limb.

Ten-year-old Zara Bayley, who was helping her father deliver the lamb, alerted him to the fifth appendage. 

"I hadn't noticed, when my daughter said, 'Dad, look, that lamb has five legs,'" said Mark Bayley, according to Caters News. "We were amazed and couldn't believe it. I have never seen anything like it."

Forest does not seem to have control of his leg, which dangles as he runs. Bayley said he made sure Forest was doing well before telling his kids they could keep him as a pet.

"We checked him over and he seems to be fine," Bayley said. "He was healthy, drinking from his mother, and doing everything he needed to do."

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He said his kids Zara and Jake, 12, have quickly become enamored of the lamb, but they were not the only ones to bond with little Forest.

"Forest was happily playing with the rest of [the lambs]," Bayley said. "There was one lamb that looked at Forest, and then down at itself, as if to wonder why it was missing a leg."

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