Confused Duck Illegally Wanders onto New York Subway Tracks But is Released Without Charges

Venturing onto the tracks can result in a penalty of $50, but luckily NYPD officers released the duck in a nearby park with no charges.

A confused duck found out the hard way that it's illegal to jump on New York City's subway tracks.

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According to the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau, the duck was found wading in a pool of dirty water in a Brooklyn subway station on Friday morning.

Trains had to temporarily suspended as officers Kevin Conway and Michael Black descended on to the tracks at Jefferson St. station on the L line to seize the duck.

Carrying the duck in a cardboard box wrapped in police tape, officers decided to release the duck without charges at nearby Highland Park. 

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It is unclear how the duck ended up on the tracks.

According to the MTA, venturing onto the tracks can result in a penalty of $50.

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