Kennedy Miniseries Delivers High Ratings

The Kennedys miniseries is officially a hit after receiving good ratings on the little-known ReelzChannel. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The ratings are in and the controversial mini-series The Kennedys is a hit.

1.9 million viewers tuned into the little-known ReelzChannel to see Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as JFK and Jackie in the first installment of the eight-hour series.

They were easily the highest ratings ever for the ReelzChannel, which picked up The Kennedys after the History Channel dropped it, reportedly under pressure from the Kennedy family.

Katie Holmes promoted The Kennedys on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and said, "We wanted to show the human side of this very famous family."

But there was no mention of the mini-series when Caroline Kennedy herself appeared on Good Morning America to promote her latest book, a collection of her favorite poems.