War Vet, 72, Severely Beaten and Robbed of Prized Sports Car In Broad Daylight: 'I Could Have Been Killed'

The vicious and unexpected attack left Vietnam War vet Omar Sixto unconscious and with little memory of the immediate moments thereafter.

A 72-year-old war veteran was put in the hospital by a cowardly car thief who knocked him out before making off with his beloved sports car, according to reports.

Omar Sixto was outside his friend’s Miami home working on his 2000 Corvette convertible’s windshield wipers when he was suddenly hit on the back of his head Sunday afternoon, he told WSVN-TV.

The vicious and unexpected attack left the Vietnam War vet unconscious and with little memory of the immediate moments thereafter.

“I just went unconscious. I never knew what hit me,” he told the television station. “I never knew. I don’t even remember how I got up. I was totally dizzy.”

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When he came to, he was covered in blood and his prized car was gone.

Sixto said he suffered a broken bone in his eye socket, a broken septum, a broken tooth and needed at least 14 stitches to the back and front of his head. During his interview, dark bruises were apparent across his face.

“A couple of inches further in the brain, I would have been gone,” Sixto said of his injuries. “It was a close call … I could have been killed.”

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Though he did not see his attacker as the assault occurred, Sixto said he noticed a man pacing across the street before he was ambushed.

“I should have really paid attention to the guy pacing, but he didn’t look like a criminal,” the septuagenarian said.

Sixto’s red convertible has a tan top and a Florida license plate, 266LTW.

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